Frederick Ballroom Dance Club
Frederick Ballroom Dance Club

2019 Schedule

Walkersville Town Hall--Beginner lessons and Dance Parties

  • Very Beginner Ballroom: first three Fridays every month at 7:30-$8 per person
  • Saturday intermediate lesson and dance party: first, third and fifth Saturdays every month at 7-10pm. $10/person

Below are the planned dances for VBB Fridays, Beginner Saturdays and Dance Party Saturdays in Walkersville:


January – Night Club Two Step
February – Rumba
March – American Fox Trot
April – American Tango
May – Cha Cha
June – West Coast Swing

July -- Salsa/Mambo

*August – Waltz
September – American Tango
October –East Coast Swing
November –Fox Trot
December –Cha Cha 


Frederick Dance Unlimited Schedule--Intermediate Class

Every Tuesday

  • $12/person monthly rate, $15/person drop in rate

Our Very Beginner Ballroom instructor will be offering an intermediate level class on Tuesdays at 7:45-8:45. We'll be building on the material taught in VBB and we intend to cover full bronze through Silver 1 as time allows. Lessons will be held at Dance Unlimited at 244 S. Jefferson Street in Frederick. All are welcome to participate! Contact Jody at with any questions. Below is a list of dances that will be taught:


March--Fox trot
April--Fox Trot
May--Cha cha
June —Cha Cha


July--no summer classes
August-- no summer classes
November--Viennese Waltz 

December--West coast swing

Where to Find the Studio

Frederick Ballroom Dance Club
Walkersville Town Hall

21 W. Frederick Street 
Walkersville, MD 21793
Phone: +1 571/332 5770 +1 571/332 5770



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Dancing on Wood at the Town Hall, Walkersville, Maryland